Friday, October 5, 2007

Windy Day

Location, Williams, AZ

We had another thunder storm overnight. No hail but the temperature was only 52 this morning. I carried the laptop over to the laundry room so I could use the WiFi and post the blog.

We left about 9 AM with lots of wind. We had sustained winds of 25-35 MPH all the way to Williams. Needless to say, the fuel mileage suffered. The first RV park we checked with didn’t have room for a 5th wheel of our length but they called another park at the east end of town which has a new campground connected to an old hotel. The sites are large and pull thru so we are set. They do predict the possibility of freezing tonight so I will disconnect the water hose before I go to bed.

We drove through town and noticed many new buildings and upgrades since we were here 3 years ago. Also, new RV parks. In fact there are 2 new parks with a 3rd being built. All of the activity is because of the Grand Canyon Rail Road. Lots of people come here to ride the train. We did it 3 years ago. It is an all day trip but well worth it.

My computer is still giving me problems. When I plug in the WiFi card, I get the “Blue Screen of Death”. I guess I need to take it to someone in Las Vegas. Bummer.

Update late evening: I deleted lots of old emails, cleaned out some other files and eventually picked a restore point from July and did a system restore. I will need to reload some software but so far I seem to have gotten away from the problem. Time will tell.