Saturday, October 27, 2007

Death Valley

Location, Death Valley, CA

Wonder of wonders! There is WiFi in Death Valley at the Furnace Creek Visitors Center. I will try to briefly recap what has happened during the last week. The “gap” in the blog is due mainly to the lack of an internet connection.

Clyda flew home on Wednesday the 17th and my friend Dick arrived while I was at the airport. We ran errands on Thursday and Friday, picking up maps, visiting Harbor Freight, buying groceries, getting fuel, and eating. On Friday night we ate at the Bay City Diner in the Golden Gate Casino and had the prime rib special for $6.95. It really was good. This little diner has excellent food and good service.

On Saturday morning we checked out of the RV Park and drove to Tonopah, NV where we camped at Joy-Land RV Park. This is a so-so park but suited us just fine as we were able to park 6 rigs together. We had camped here years ago on one of our fall desert trips. The temperature was quit a change from Las Vegas as it dropped down to 27 degrees Saturday night. It did however warm up during the day and never got below freezing at night for the rest of our stay.

For the next several days we drove back country roads using 2 4x4 vehicles and GPS maps to locate old railroads, mines, and old town sites. We also visited 2 local mining museums. The biggest find was a large railroad turntable and engine bays of a roundhouse located West of Tonopah.

A loading tipple.

Looking down a shaft.
Yesterday, Friday, Oct 26th, we drove to Death Valley via Beatty, NV where the temperature was around 90 degrees late in the afternoon. We are camped at Texas Springs and will stay here 2 days until our reservations start on Sunday. Last night we had a nice campfire and didn’t go in until 10 PM. This morning it is hazy and over caste from the Southern California fires.

There are several changes here at Furnace Creek but I will talk about them in a later blog.