Saturday, October 13, 2007

Back on the air

Location, Las Vegas, NV

For all who are wondering what happened to us since Oct 5th, never fear, we are still here but have been busy and have had computer problems. My WiFi card needed a new driver installed. I found a computer shop yesterday and lighter in the pocket book, I hope all is OK now. WiFi in downtown Las Vegas is everywhere but at a steep price.

We have been seeing the sights of Las Vegas and dropping a few coins in the slots at many of the high end casinos along with my sister Judy, brother-in-law Art, and brother, Ray. We have had a great time but put in some really long days. As anyone who has been here can attest to, walking is all you do, and walk we did. My feet were so sore by Thursday morning when they left that we did nothing all day.

We saw Las Vegas from the bottom of Hoover Dam to the top of the Stratosphere Tower and all places in between. The weather was nice with temps in the 80’s most days and warm evenings. We saw the light show on Fremont Street several times, in fact some nights it was several times.

We have been lazy the last few days, but I did get new tires for the truck, ouch! That really busts the budget. I have been working on my food lists for the desert part of my trip. I will buy groceries on Thursday or Friday so everything is fresh.

I will be here until Sat morning Oct 20th when I leave for Tonopah, NV. Once I leave, I will not have internet service until I return home about Oct 12th. I will update this blog when I get home. Hang in there.