Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cruisin Las Vegas

Location, Las Vegas, NV

We picked up cousins Bob and Marlene and drove to South Point Casino at the south end of the Las Vegas strip. This is a fairly new casino with and equestrian theme. They have a big horse arena connected to the casino which is evident as soon as you walk in by the barnyard smell, as in horses. They were running a calf cutting event so we watched for a while.

The remainder of the casino was nicely laid out and fairly large. We tried a few slots but with little luck.

We drove back to MGM Grand and parked in the parking garage at the back of the property. We just walked through to the Las Vegas strip and stopped at a food court for a quick lunch. We visited the M&M store, all four floors but didn’t buy anything.

We crossed the strip to New York-New York and tried a few slots but again no luck. Marlene called her friends who were part of the tour they came out on and found out everyone was at the Monte Carlo so we returned to the parking garage and I drove them to the Monte Carlo. Construction at the new MGM City Center on property next to the Monte Carlo presented quit a challenge to exit the property to Industrial road. City center is HUGE.

We returned downtown in late afternoon and walked to Fremont Street to pick up 2 for 1 coupons for casinos on Fremont Street.