Monday, October 1, 2007

On the road and headed west

Location, Houston, TX

I drained what little water we had in the grey tanks and used my new air compressor to top off the air bags on the truck. After breakfast and all the outside connections stowed I started to back the truck under the hitch when Diane and the grandkids drove up. I guess Ivy made Diane promise last night that they would come see us before we left. It is really hard to leave them.

Eventually we got on the road about 9:20 and drove west on Hwy 290 toward Austin and arrived in Fredericksburg about 2:15. We are staying at Fredericksburg RV Park. We have free WiFi here so I can continue the blog.

We went out to dinner as we usually do while here mostly because of the German restaurants and beirgatens. Tonight we were looking for Texas BBQ but all the BBQ places are closed for dinner. Wonder why? So, when in Fredericksburg go for German. We ate outdoors at Alderdorf on Hwy 290. We have never eaten here before but the schnitzel was excellent. The town is getting ready for Octoberfest this coming weekend. The tents and sun shades are going up and I am sure there will be plenty of oompah music and beer.

A stop for some groceries and then for fuel and we are back at the trailer. I must say, I am tired tonight. I can’t imagine why? Could it be the grandchildren? No, must be old age. Ha-ha.