Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Basketball and trailer repair

Location, At home, Ca

The basketball game last night was like old times. The crowd was one of the biggest in years. Not as big as in the old days of the UNLV vs UCSB rivalry, but close enough. The student section especially was well represented. It should be as they get in for free.

UCSB played poorly in the first half but made up for it in the second half. The score was tied with 4.2 seconds remaining when UCSB in-bounded the ball and one of the guards hit a 3 pointer while falling down. UNLV was in shock. UCSB beat them in Las Vegas last year and the last two games at UCSB. Unbelievable win!

Progress is being made on the trailer. I buffed all of the rust off the screws and welds and primed them this morning. I painted all of the pop rivet heads white so they match the panel. Tomorrow I hope to clean the panel with acetone so the new caulking will stick better. I may even get the panel put back in place. We are supposed to have rain on Friday so it would be nice to get it buttoned up against weather.

I would post photos but there really isn’t much to see. I am storing the panel in the garage to make sure nothing happens to it. It is large and unwieldy and somewhat fragile so I treat it gently.

Tomorrow morning the truck goes in for much need maintenance. My list is long and I suspect it will be expensive. The biggest item is the water pump which appears to be leaking. The tranny needs servicing and the usual lube, oil, and filter needs to be done.

I can hope for the best.