Sunday, January 6, 2008

Home with more rain

Location, At home, CA

It started rain about bedtime Friday evening in Tehachapi and rained most of the night. Saturday dawned with over cast but no rain. We decided to drive home as the roads were clear according to the Cat-Trans website. We loaded the car and drove everyone to breakfast at Denny’s. After breakfast we dropped Budd, Brenda, and Betty back at the house, loaded last minute items in the car and left for home around noon.

The drive home over the Grapevine (I-5) took about 3 hours and the only rain was a short shower along the Rincon North of Ventura. We were home by 3 PM.

Last night it rained some more and the electricity went off for about 90 minutes. We were about to go to bed when it came back on.

It started raining again late this afternoon. I haven’t looked at the satellite website to see how widespread this storm is but the original forecast was for rain through tomorrow.