Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chasing mice

Location, Home

I took the car in for lube, oil, and filter this morning. It also needs a safety recall item installed. I decided to just leave the car and came home by the courtesy van. They called later and said that 2 items need to be installed so I will just leave it until tomorrow.

I removed the stove from the RV to check a potential problem with the oven burner. It sounds like a blow torch when it gets hot. I couldn’t find any visual problem so I hooked up a propane tank to it and ran it for 2 hours with no problem. I reinstalled it in the RV and ran it and still can’t repeat the problem.

I also have been doing mouse patrol. I don’t have any mice right now but the little buggers have been getting in too frequently. I sealed all places in the forward bay where they might get in and also found what I think is the real culprit over the rear tanks where all the wires, water, pipes, etc come through the floor. There are 3 large holes to bring all this in so I filled them with expanding foam. I hope this cures the problem. I still have a few places in the frame where they might get in so will work on those tomorrow.

I have started to think about what we might do after the first of the year as far as travels go. A little planning gets the old Hitch-Itch going, that’s for sure.