Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not much new

Location, Home

I actually left the car at the dealers for two days as it was done late on Thursday and I didn’t want to fight traffic to pick it up. I did pick it up Friday morning and the safety items added were a piece of plastic near the visor over each door. It matches and looks like it came with the car so no big deal.

I picked up a cold so am lying low for a few days.

I also need to make a selection for my Medicare supplement as my former employer dropped our insurance. It came down to cost so I elected to go on Clyda’s insurance but I get to keep my own doctors. No vision care coverage so we will pay for our exams and buy glasses in Mexico. Much cheaper that way.

I have been reading all the RV blogs and am jealous of those folks who are situated in their winter RV parks already. Getting anxious to go myself.

It is raining right now and flash flood warnings are up for the burn area. I don’t think too much rain is expected.

We will be leaving for the bay area tomorrow for Thanksgiving with friends and a few extra days of bumming around.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and special congratulations to my niece Angela, her husband Jim, and son AJ, on the birth of their second son yesterday. Way to go!!!