Friday, December 5, 2008

Back to reality

Location, Home

We arrived back home yesterday about 4:30 PM after spending a week in the Bay Area. The drive up was slow because of traffic but coming home was a breeze by comparison.

Besides eating too much, we shopped for bargains, visited Richmond and Point Richmond, and spent one night with friends Jack and Judy south of Ukiah, CA.

Something I never do is watch movies, at least hardly ever. I just don’t think much of the movies being made these days. However,……that being said, I did watch lots of movies this past week. Five or six I believe and enjoyed them all. Thanks Cindy and Gary.

Today it was back to reality! We got all the Christmas decorations down from the garage attic and put up the outside lights, put up the tree, which had a light problem (more on that later), decorated the tree, and more or less put up all the other decorations. As usual, we have way more decorations than we need. I suggested to Clyda that we could forgo all this if we sold the house and lived in the RV. No room there for “extras” which would be nice. Sigh…..I guess that won’t happen.

As to the “light problem”, I bought this tree with all the lights installed so all I do is plug it in. Alas, one half string didn’t work. It had multiple burned out bulbs which mystifies me. Craig helped me check some but we finally decided to turn that part of the tree to the wall and trouble shoot the problem after the holidays. The tree looks fine even with those lights out.

I am working on our travel plans for after the holidays. Part of those plans fell into place today with the arrival of an invitation for a 50th anniversary reception in Indio, CA in January. It will be our first stop for the winter.