Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Solar panel mounted

Location, Home

After a few setbacks with the solar panel mounts, and with son Craig’s help, I got the panel mounted and hooked into the system.

Craig made some stainless steel blocks which were drilled and tapped to act as captured nuts to which the mounting bolts were screwed into. I now have two panels with 245 watts of output. On a good sunny day with the panels oriented to the sun I could conceivably get 14 amps output. That should charge my batteries just fine.

When we bought the RV I had the idea of installing 2 solar panels with a good controller and 4 six volt golf cart batteries. Adding a 1500 to 2000 watt inverter would give us all the power we would ever need while boon docking without shore power. The next thing will be a new 20 amp solar controller. I will look at that while we are in Quartzsite this winter.

Re-reading the last post, I found a few typos, so I will correct them before I get emails about them.