Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas

Location, Home

Well, Christmas is over and we had a great day yesterday at Chelsea and Steve’s. We drove down in the rain and arrived about 10 AM. After a breakfast of egg strata, sausage, and a pull-a-part roll, we opened gifts. That took a couple of hours. Later we had a ham dinner prepared by Steve and Chelsea.

We watched the Lakers beat the Celtics on TV and came home around 7 PM to lots of wind. At least our power stayed on this time. Last week after a gust of wind passed through we lost our electricity for several hours.

We took down all the Christmas decorations today except for the outside lights. We have company coming for the next several days and then we will be gone for New Years so just decided to get it done.

I was checking my calendar for the past year to see how many days we have used the RV. In my mind it wasn’t very many compared to other years but further checking showed we had camped a total of 103 days. Not bad really. That’s almost 1/3 of the year. We also were gone from home for several other trips but with the car, not the RV.