Saturday, November 1, 2008

Groceries and.....

Location, Death Valley

The weather changed on Friday. It was very hot during the day but as evening came the wind came up and so did the temperature. The wind did die about 10:30 PM but the temps stayed high. It was in the high 80’s at 3:30 in the morning. Sleeping was miserable.

About 7:15 AM on Friday, it started to sprinkle. It did this off and on until about noon. It didn’t stop our annual chorizo and eggs breakfast. That, along with refried beans and burritos makes a breakfast of champions.

Saturday was a busy day as we had grocery shopping to do. We drove to Shoshone, CA for their annual Death Valley Days which run all this weekend. The weather was mild with no wind which is unusual for this time of year. After looking at the crafts for sale and browsing the new and very good display of women in Death Valley at the museum, we drove to Tecopa and the hot springs. This is an annual stop for us. It cost $5 for all day but we only spend about 20 minutes in the hot water. After a shower we enter the pool to soak. Men and women each have their own pools as no clothes or bathing suits are allowed. Birthday suits only, thank you.

Refreshed, we move on to China Ranch, south of Tecopa for a date shake. This is a real high light on a warm day.

Back to Shoshone then on to Pahrump, NV for propane, lunch, groceries and fuel before heading back to Death Valley. Mean while, there is a black cloud to the west which looks ominous to say the least. Shortly after leaving Pahrump we run into rain which is heavy at times especially at Death Valley Junction. The rain ends as we enter Death Valley and descend below sea level. The sun and clouds make for breath taking scenery around us as the hills light up.

It had rained in the valley while we were gone but we had a very pleasant evening around the campfire.