Thursday, October 30, 2008

Death Valley

Location, Death Valley

I have been in Death Valley since Friday the 24th. The weather is very warm during the day, about 95 degrees, and absolutely perfect at night around the campfire. Overnight temperatures are in the 65 degree range which makes sleeping with just a sheet comfortable.

We have done little since we arrived. I did make the trip to Beatty and down through Titus canyon on Monday. It was a very nice trip, my first, in the canyon. It was one of the few places I had not visited in all the trips I have made here.

Bottle house at Rhyolite, NV

I rechecked some of the geoglyphs (rock alignments) that I had found in the past. I am always concerned that they have been disturbed by people or washed away by water. In this case, all were still intact, which at times amazes me.

I hope to post this today as there is WiFi here at the visitor center and the grocery store. I want to add some photos also.