Friday, October 10, 2008

Break in the weather.

Location, At Home, CA

Well, the weather broke today and we lost our heat wave. Actually it was a very nice day until late afternoon when the “sundowner winds” started. Shortly after the winds came, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be only in the 60’s.

I took advantage of the drop in temperatures and poured the cement around my new drain. I formed it as a basin to feed the water runoff to the drain itself.

I did a little bush trimming and cleaned the air cleaner in the truck. The service shop mentioned the filter yesterday when I had the truck in for lube, oil, and filter along with a new transmission gasket. The gasket had been leaking which of course left a stain on my concrete pad.

Tomorrow I hope to wash the trailer and start the wax job on it. Something I don’t really look forward to.

Late today I received sad news that one of my cousins had passed away. We were not close but in recent years had spent some time together. He and his wife spent 4 days at our house while touring the area and I had stayed with them after a family reunion a few years ago.