Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hot days work!

Location, At Home, CA

Fantastic birthday party for our friend Don on Saturday which included a band playing Blues music, great food, and lots of people who we don’t see very often.

I am trying to get all my fall work done but it is hard to do with all the other things going on. Tomorrow we are meeting friends who are camping, for dinner.

I did get some things done this afternoon even with the high temperatures. I installed a plastic edging around the flower beds which will keep the dirt in the bed when it rains. I started installing a drain line in back of my garden shed. There is a drain around part of the shed already but this extends that drain.

I cut and realigned the new drain to the front yard so now I can finish by pouring cement around it to make a nice drain pan.

I am working on a fix to the patio roof to keep leaves and debris from getting under the flashing. It involves cutting 40 pieces of tin to fit them in the roof channels.

I am also working on food assignments for my upcoming desert trip. I have been doing this for years but sometimes it tries my patience as people keep changing when and how long they will be on the trip. I am sure by now everyone is getting anxious to find out when and how much they will need to cook.