Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catching up on yard work.

Location, At Home, CA

Yesterday I took the rain gutter off the patio room to clean it. This gutter is an integral part of the roof structure and traps all the debris flying around. The only way to clean it is to take it down.

Today neighbor Paul brought his chainsaw over and we cut down the two plum trees. Boy, were they ever full of termites. That part of the yard looks pretty bare but they needed to be cut down. Now I need to chip all the brush.

I finally planted the dwarf lemon tree Clyda had bought some time ago. I talked to the espalier expert yesterday about how to take care of the tree as it grows. He had a simple reply, “just bend the branches they way you want them to go”. Sounds simple, so I will try his way.

This weekend will be busy as friends are coming to town for another mutual friend’s 60th birthday party. I will be good to see everyone again.