Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update on activities

Location, At Home, CA

I had planned to do an update tomorrow but decided to add a short entry tonight. Clyda is making progress but it is slow. She gets out of bed more often for a short walk (hobble) with crutches to the living room.

I have been updating an older PC by reformatting the hard drive and putting the Windows software back on. It runs much faster now. I have installed Clyda’s greeting card programs on it and little else. I also disassembled an LCD display that a friend had asked me to look at. It was tough finding how to get this thing apart but with the help of the internet I found a few clues which helped. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really find anything wrong so I guess I will put it back together.

I have been loading more CD’s into my Ipod which does takes time. Today I bought a cable to go from the Ipod to the AUX input on the car radio. For the truck I need to get an FM transmitter which I saw at Radio Shack for about $60.

Between taking care of Clyda’s needs and doing errands I don’t get much else done. My To-Do list is still rather long.