Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane update

Location, At Home, CA

Days just seem to roll by with no thought about accomplishing anything. Clyda had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday. They took an x-ray and everything is fine. She can remove the “boot” and exercise her foot some. She also uses her crutches to get to the living room when she has company and to sit on a stool at the island in the kitchen for meals.

I decided I don’t need an FM transmitter for my Ipod as I already had an old one from my Sony Disc Man CD player. I tried it and it works in the car and RV but not in the truck. Wonder what that is all about. The Ford truck radio is rather fancy so maybe it has lots of shielding or something.

I bought a Digital TV converter for the RV so we can use the analog antenna and analog TV while on the road. It appears that the big 27 inch TV in the RV living room has bit the dust. I used the 9 inch set we used in the old trailer to test the converter but it wouldn’t find any channels. Neighbor Paul tried the box on his antenna and it worked fine so I need to see what is wrong in the RV.

Saturday afternoon we drove down the coast to attend a double birthday party for friends. Clyda rode in the backseat and managed fairly well. She was tired by the time we came home. She did go to the movie this afternoon with a friend. I drove her and rolled her into the theatre and then ran errands until the movie was over.

Son Tim and family in Houston went through hurricane Ike on Friday and Saturday. They live just west of where the “eye wall” went through. They had lots of wind which blew the metal whirly vents off the garage and lifted the cap shingles on the house which let water in. He also had a water leak in the laundry area which soaked the insulation in the attic. The biggest problem has been electricity which went off about 11 PM Friday night and is still not back on. His neighbors across the street however do have electricity so Tim is running on generators.