Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting some things done.

Location, At Home, CA

I did get a few things accomplished this week. I still had 95 fence boards to stain. These will be used to replace the fence at the side of the patio and to rebuild the “wood shed” behind that fence. I got half stained on Monday and finished the rest today. I was short about a gallon of stain so had to pick one up to finish. At $35 per gallon, I try to make it go as far as I can.

In the last report I said I thought the big TV in the RV living room was bad but on further investigation, it is the remote that has gone bad. The new digital to analog converter works just fine.

My to-do-list is still fairly long but I am hacking away at it. We were originally planning on a short RV trip later this month but I think that is going to be scrubbed due to Clyda’s leg. We have just too many steps in the RV for her to negotiate to make that trip possible. Instead I am planning for the desert trip in mid October. That is really not far away so I best be getting to business.

I caulked some places under the RV that could possibly have let mice in. Only time will tell if that is successful.

I follow the blogs of several RV’ers that were traveling in Alaska this summer. All are now back in the continental US or close to it. Last year when Clyda and I were in Canada, it was amazing how far north we actually got. One of the roads we took is a well travel road to Alaska by many RV’ers. Maybe we should put that on our future schedule.