Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fires in California

Location, Home

I am sure everyone knows about the devastating fire near here in Montecito which destroyed so many homes. They had such terrible winds which drove the fires everywhere while here about 12 miles away we had no wind at all.

I have been on to the local city and county websites for information as they have listed residences by street address which have burned. I have a friend who along with her husband owned three houses in the burned area. It looks like all three burned. One was unoccupied as it was sliding down the hill, one they lived in up the street while building a new house further up the street. The new house was finished and cost a bunch of money. All gone now. Down the hill from the original house was one owned by someone I worked with. That house is gone also. All burned in a matter of minutes. Most people barely had time to get in their cars and leave.