Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More shed work.

Location, Home, CA

I took the truck in for maintenance this morning at 8 AM. Besides the normal lube, oil, and filter, I needed the transmission serviced, and the radiator flushed and new anti-freeze installed. Everything else was ok but it still cost a bundle. I would take it somewhere else but this shop has always done good work and I trust them.

After I got home I went back to working on the woodshed steel frame. I made some plates to anchor the upright posts to and bolted them to the rafters. I also completed attaching all the rafters to the frame. Of course, this wasn’t accomplished without another trip to the hardware store for more bolts. I also checked on the corrugated metal for the roofing. At $17.49 for a 10 foot sheet it beats the price for polycarbonate sheeting by $25 a sheet. No choice here, I will use the corrugated metal. After I take the car in for service tomorrow, I will pick up the metal and more cement to back fill the up right pipes.

I reinstalled the AC cover on the RV so I can check that job off my list. Still lots of items on that list but hopefully the most critical ones will be done before I leave on Oct 13th for the fall desert trip. We also are camping, 10 minutes from home, from Sunday afternoon until Friday morning. Just more pressure. It happens every fall before I leave.