Saturday, October 3, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Location, Home, CA

The days have flown by this week. The woodshed has been all consuming and has taken up all my time until this morning. The roof is done and the walls are up. The only remaining item is the door and that will wait until I get back from my desert trip.

Today I concentrated on getting everything ready to go for tomorrow. We are off for a week of camping with friends. If I had thought about it when we agreed to go, I would have declined as it is very close to my fall trip. However, after spending all day whittling down my departure list this morning and spending the afternoon getting packed, I think we will be ready to leave by noon tomorrow.

We will return home on Friday morning and I hope to wash the RV before I back it into the yard. I have until Tuesday morning to complete everything else for the trip. I will do my shopping on Monday, and repack the truck as well then.

We won’t have internet so will be out of touch until Friday.