Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Desert Trip Day 3

Location, Beatty, NV

Any RV trip or 4-wheel trip plan is only good until you begin the trip. Once begun, anything can happen as we have discovered. Yesterdays 2 flat tires necessitated using most of today to get the tires repaired or replaced. It also meant traveling all the way to Pahrump, NV for this. Both Jeeps made that trip today.

Also, Nobbies Jeep has transmission problems so it will be headed back South tomorrow for repairs. Nobbies friend Paul will follow in Nobbies pick-up in case there is a problem.

In the meantime, the rest of us took a couple of trips South of Beatty today. We explored some older mining areas and did see one new mining operation. The camp had all new trailers and vehicles with lots of earth being moved.

Old miners cabin.

The weather turned cold last night but we did have clear skies today with a rather cold wind. It is supposed to warm up again tomorrow. The wind has already stopped tonight.