Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shopping in Las Vegas

Location, Las Vegas, NV

A slow start to the morning with overcast skies from the rain on the coast. No rain here however and by evening we had clear skies and 80 degrees. Very pleasant.

We eventually got a plan together for the day which included several stops for shopping. The first stop was a near by map shop which had every kind of map you could wish for.

The second stop was a radio shop looking for info on scanners etc. From there we made our way to Harbor Freight where some serious shopping took place.

It was now time for lunch and our favorite ritual stop at the In and Out Resturant on Tropicana and I-15 was the plan.

After lunch we got on I-15 South and drove to Rose Way and the new Camping World store which is in the old Wheelers RV location at the South end of Las Vegas Blvd.

Heading back north we stopped at Fry’s Electronics for a printer purchase for Dick while I picked up a couple of printer cartridges.

After Fry’s it was back on I-15 North and a quick trip to the RV Park.

Meanwhile, as we left this morning, Jeff’s door lock on his RV broke as he pulled the key out so he called AAA who called a locksmith. The guy showed up right after we got back but told Jeff he couldn’t help him. Jeff is now in a panic trying to figure out how to get in his RV. He decided maybe he could get in through the escape window by the bed. However, this is only opened from the inside, normally.

Eventually he removed all the screws on the top of the window and was able to reach in and release the latch. The window was removed and he crawled in to tackle the door lock. This took about a half hour to remove parts and eventually bend a tab to get to the dead bolt slide. He had already purchased a new lock set while we were at Camping World so it was just a matter of reassembling everything.

We later went to dinner at the Triple 7 Brewery at Main Street Station. Good ribs for $9.95.

We walked down to Fremont Street to watch the 9 PM show which was a repeat of last night’s 9 PM show, American Pie. I would like to see the 10 PM show which is a tribute to Queen but we are all party poopers so came back to the RV.

Tomorrow 3 more of our group arrives. Two by RV and jeep and one is flying in around 4:20 PM so we need to pick him up. We also have a little more shopping to do, of course. :)