Sunday, October 11, 2009

Getting ready for the Desert trip

Location, Home, CA

After a relaxing week of camping at El Capitan State Park on the California coast, we are back home getting ready for the dessert trip.

The weather at El Cap was fantastic although we did have wind the first night. The remaining time was very pleasant and relaxing. The group we were with are all good cooks and love to eat so food was talked about a lot. I got in the act by putting on my chefs apron and hat while cooking chicken breasts. It was good for a laugh. Of course, everyone who went by the campsite sure looked.

Chef d'jour.

We came home Friday around noon and I spent the afternoon scrubbing the RV roof. That is definitely not my favorite thing to do. It was so slippery that I was afraid to stand up for fear I would fall off the roof so I stayed on my knees the whole time. I also washed the rest of the RV. It really needs waxing but that will have to wait.

I think I have everything under control for the trip but still need to buy groceries tomorrow.

A look at the weather suggests that we may get rain tomorrow night and Tuesday so I will try to get out of here tomorrow afternoon. Normally I would go to the Boron rest stop east of Mojave but it is closed until February 2010. I may stay in Mojave somewhere. I don’t want to drive in the rain and I don’t want to drive at night if I can avoid it.

I may have WiFi while in Las Vegas and will try to post later in the week.