Saturday, October 17, 2009

Location, Beatty, NV

Thursday and Friday are sort of a blur to me. I know we picked up Dick’s friend John at the Las Vegas airport on Thursday around 5 Pm and Nobby and Paul arrived shortly there after at the RV Park. We ate at the Main Street Station buffet which was their Steak and Scampi night. It did not disappoint any one.

Friday was all involved with getting Nobbies refrigerator fixed. It wouldn’t cool so he took it to a local shop that did RV repairs and they replaced the thermistor which senses when to cool and also the circuit board which didn’t allow the refer to work on 110 volts.

We spent much of the afternoon babying the refer to get it to cool down in the heat as it was 89 outside.

Friday night we ate dinner at the Bay Café again. Good as ever. The prime rib dinner is outstanding.

Later, I took all the new guys (who haven’t seen it before) to the Rio and Masquerade in the Sky. It sure wasn’t what it used to be. Harrah’s has taken the heart out of the original Brazilian celebration and replaced the Samba ladies with scantily costumed go-go dancers.

This appears to be a theme of all Las Vegas now. Even on Fremont Street where every casino now has an outside bar on the street. Several casinos use the same scantily clad girls as blackjack dealers when they aren’t dancing or serving drinks.

The hourly shows on the large overhead canopy are works of art. With the addition of digital photography as input to the display, anything can now be shown. I had hoped to see the 10 PM tribute to Queen last night but arrived back from the Rio too late.

Today, Saturday we checked out of the RV Park and drove to Beatty, NV and the Beatty RV Park. The drive out of Las Vegas was not without its own adventures. We stopped at Hwy 95 and Durango for groceries before driving on to Armagossa Valley rest stop for lunch. We arrived in Beatty about 2 PM.

Our friend Al arrived from El Dorado Hills, CA yesterday and Paul arrived from Goleta about 4 PM today. That makes 8 of us all together with 3 off road vehicles to explore with.

We all share dinners so I cooked tonight and won’t cook again until we are in Death Valley at weeks end.