Monday, March 22, 2010

Choke Canyon State Park

Location, Del Rio, TX

We left Goose Island State Park late yesterday morning. It was cold and very windy. Our goal for the day was the State Park at Choke Canyon south of San Antonio.

Our route of travel was mostly by Farm to Market roads which in Texas are 2 lane country roads. It afforded us the most direct route northwest as our preferred route to home.

The wind did drop our mileage so I kept our speed moderated for most of the trip.

It was our hope to find a campsite for one night at Choke Canyon and let the wind blow itself out overnight.

Our luck held, and there were sights available even with spring break in full force. I think the wind kept people away this weekend.

Choke Canyon State Park is located on a peninsula at Choke Canyon Reservoir. The sites are large and far apart and each has a shelter. All sites have lake views. As with all Texas parks, you pay an entrance fee plus the camping fee unless you have a State Park Pass.

Today we again headed northwest on Farm to Market roads with Del Rio our intended destination. This was true west Texas ranch country which is mostly brush and cactus. There were lots of wildflowers today. Fields of bluebonnets, small yellow flowers, thistles, who knows what else. It made for a very nice drive.

Through a loophole in some law, ranches in Texas are allowed to import exotic animals to raise and then hunt. Today we saw a small herd of zebra and Oryx on one ranch and shortly after a small herd of buffalo and wild turkeys. This is not something you see from the freeways but fairly common on the back roads.

Just before we got to Uvalde, we drove through fields of vegetables, which looked more like the Salinas valley in California.

We stopped today at the Elks club in Del Rio. We stayed here last year in the rain with our friends Budd and Brenda. No rain this time. A herd of eight deer came out of the woods next to our RV just as it got dark.