Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Houston rodeo.

Location, Houston, TX

We are getting a slow start this morning after spending last night at the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show.

We left for the rodeo after the grandkids finished school. We all met at the church parking lot where Matthew had a composition class. Leaving 2 vehicles in the church lot, Tim drove us to Reliant Stadium which was an easy drive east on I-10 and I-610. Parking was easy and we got two shuttle rides through the parking lot to the Ag Center building. This building contains lots of show animals, a birthing center where large animals such as pigs, cows, sheep, give birth for everyone to see. Also, lots of small animals giving birth such as rabbits, chickens hatching, etc, a petting zoo, and vendor displays, all related to agriculture.

Free photo taken with a background of our choice. (They need to clean the fuzz off their lens)

We ate dinner in the large food area provided. You just walk around until you find what you want to eat, order it and then find a table. Lots of B-B-Q and corn dogs. How about deep fried avocados? How about a hot dog with a spiral cut potato wrapped around it? They can feed a lot of people.

Prices are high as you would expect for “fair food”. Beer however, is out of sight. It cost $8.25 for a draft 12 ounce beer. I guess it keeps the drinking down.

After a few rides on the Midway by the grandkids, we headed for the Rodeo arena. Ivy is fearless, the higher, faster, twistier it is, the better. Matthew is a little more sedate but will ride on some rides with Ivy.

The rodeo is held in Reliant Stadium where the Texans play football so it holds a lot of people. Our seats were fairly high up but no seat is bad. We were right above the stock chutes where the Bronc and Bull riders started. At the far end is all the calf roping and bull dogging events. All of it is displayed on big screens overhead. They really know how to run a rodeo here. Events go off like clockwork with no delays. It keeps everyone interested.

After the rodeo, a large round stage is driven to the center of the arena, unfolded and a concert starts. Last nights performer was Darius Rucker of Hooty and the Blowfish fame. We stayed for about half the concert as the grandkids were more interested in getting back to the Midway and more rides.

We left the rodeo about 11 PM and got home around midnight.