Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Washington on the Brazos.

Location, Houston, TX

We had rain early yesterday morning. It was quit heavy at times. It also rained again later in the day but not for long. Weather is still cool but expected to warm up later this week to the low 70’s. I am ready for it.

On Sunday we drove to Washington on the Brazos, about and hour northwest of Houston to celebrate the birth of the nation of Texas 174 years ago. The town site is now a state park and had many activities slated to celebrate the day. We inspected Independence hall where the constitution was signed, watched canons fire, explored an early farm where volunteers live as people did 174 years ago. We watched cooking being done in Dutch ovens in a fire place, wool being spun, rope made, wooden utensils being carved, blacksmiths working iron, oxen preparing ground for a garden, and musicians playing period music.

The farm has pigs, chickens, oxen, and turkeys. It was a very interesting venue.

We ate a picnic lunch then attended a birthday celebration with political speeches (short thank goodness), music, a salute to the state of Texas with muzzle loader rifles, and a birthday cake.

It was a very nice day with fairly nice weather.