Friday, April 16, 2010

More electronic education.

Location, Home, CA

I am making progress with the new phone toy. I still have a few things to check out but so far, it looks good. I did get the email to work so now I can look at emails as they come in both on the main website and on my Gmail account. Pretty neat!

I need to spend some time with the camera as I want to use it as our backup camera for our cruise. I can’t use the email feature while on the ship as they have their own service which is a pay service (figures). I will use the alarm clock feature and the camera during the cruise and the phone before and after the cruise.

I bought a “skin” to cover the face so it doesn’t get scratched but still allows me to use the touch face. Well, the darn thing was so complicated to put on that I took it to Best Buy and had them install it. Cost me $7.95 but it is guaranteed for life.

I mentioned in a previous entry about planting squash and gourd seeds in pots before putting them in the ground. Well, the squash plants are up but no sign of the gourds yet. Now I need to figure out where to plant them. They really need full sun and with our large tree in the back yard, we don’t get full sun there. Clyda suggested the flower bed on the patio which right now is full of rocks and gee-gaws. Clyda’s stuff. It would be a good place.

I have been scanning more 35 mm slides. My goal is to do that for an hour a day. I also started work on a long forgotten basket. An hour a day, that’s all it takes. Yeah, right!!! I think all of today’s work will need to be undone as something doesn’t look right with the weaving. Sigh!!!!!