Monday, April 12, 2010

The wonder of electronics.

Location, Home, CA

It is amazing how electronic gadgets have taken over our lives and how we come to depend on them. First, it was the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) which didn’t do much more than keep track of phone numbers and addresses (contacts), then cell phones, and now smart phones which combines all of the above and then some.

We were due for new cell phones as ours are more than 2 years old, so after some research, I decided I needed a smart phone to combine a phone, contact list, and internet while on the road. I chose the Motorola Droid from Verizon. It is an amazing piece of technology I must admit, but boy, does it have a steep learning curve. Partially, because there is no manual and even the Motorola web site has only minimum help.

So… I have been trying things for the last several days but still have a ways to go. A few good points are the Google Android interface which forced me to get all my contacts on Google and all my dates, etc, on Google Calendar. For once, everything is in one place. I can now do without my trusty Palm organizers which were requiring more and more battery charging time as they age.

I have managed to take pictures, send them to GMAIL, and forward them to friends. I have listened to Internet music on Pandora, checked news and weather on-line, and checked out about a hundred applications (apps) available for free or purchase.

I am having problems with looking at emails however. I can’t quit figure that out yet. Speaking of emails, I can use the phone as a connection to the internet for my laptop when no WiFi is available. That is called “tethering”.

It truly is a wonder of electronics.