Thursday, April 1, 2010

Winter trip data.

Location, Home, CA

Not much rain out of the supposedly “double storm” for Tuesday and Wednesday. In fact, no rain on Tuesday and only enough last night to wet the pavement. It did lower the temperature down to the fifties and later in the day the wind came up and it was really chilly.

I have been entering data from the trip into my spread sheets so here are the results:

Total miles traveled = 5213
Total miles pulling the trailer = 3963
Total camping fees = $1141.98
Ave cost of camping per day = $22.39
Total trip days = 70
Days of paid camping = 51

Total fuel used = 455 gal
Total fuel cost = $1281.20
Ave MPG = 11
Lowest paid for fuel = $2.599 in Texas
Highest paid for fuel = $3.159  in California

Costs are definitely rising based on data from previous trips. Especially camping costs. In Texas we paid $185 per week which included a Good Sam discount. We have little choice for where we stay while in Houston, in fact no choice as it is the only RV Park in northwest Houston. We have stayed at more Elks Clubs in the last two years of traveling as they are generally cheaper but you do give up some amenities. Also, we spend as much time “boondocking” (camping without hookups) as we can. This obviously only works well in the west where there is lots of BLM and state lands suitable for camping.

Camping was relatively cheap in the past but over time the costs have continued to climb. Some of these costs can be offset by subscribing to camper clubs such as Good Sam and Passport America. Good Sam gives you a 10% discount while Passport America gives you 50% off camping fees. We did use Passport America on this trip at three different parks which saved us quit a bit of money. It more than paid for itself.