Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Location, Home, CA

The days just slip by without much thought. The days are shorter and fall is definitely in the air.

We woke up to fog this morning but it cleared off before noon which made a fairly nice day. The temperature dropped as soon as the sun headed toward the horizon.

I have been working on the rain gutters on the wood shed. They are finished and ready for testing. I need to take the hose to the roof so I can see how they work. The rain barrel project is going a little slower. I need to design a catch basin which allows the first dirty water from the roof to run off to a drain before I start to fill the barrels. I have seen several designs on-line but they all look too complicated. Needs more thinking I’m guessing.

I need to start the shelves in the shed next. In the meantime I worked on a few refinements to my book shelves in the trailer. I now have nylon straps which I can tighten to hold the books in place.

Also worked on food assignments for the fall trip. I still don’t have a firm head count but that usually happens each year. Plans change so will wait a few more weeks before I send out the list.

We really are packing a lot into the 4 days we will spend in Las Vegas. It looks like we will now take in a show on one of the nights. There are discount tickets available for the time we will be there so why not take advantage of them.

My truck went in for maintenance on Monday. Had to have the upper and lower ball joints replaced. BIG BUCKS!!! I knew in advance what the cost would be so no surprises there. The mechanics have been telling me for two years that they needed replacing so now it is done. The steering is a little stiff but is getting better the more I drive it.

Also had to replace the truck batteries on Friday. Old ones just quit. Because it is a diesel, both needed replacing at the same time. Another hit to the wallet.

Better days ahead, I hope.