Friday, October 1, 2010

Smog check complete.

Location, Home, CA

I meant to write an update to the blog last night but I had already turned the computer off when I remembered it.

The smog check went very well. I showed the mechanic the chart from the state website and he said “looks good to me” and completed the test. There is no real test as for a gasoline engine car. They do check to see if certain factory equipment is still install on the vehicle and the OBD (on board diagnostic) computer has any error codes in it. So, I am good to go again but flatter in the wallet. Even though they do less testing on a diesel truck, they charge more than a gasoline vehicle. Go figure.

This morning I replaced a cloth shield around both the truck batteries. The outside material had come all apart. I am not sure what this shield is for but it has insulation in it so it may be to protect the battery from excessive heat. Craig had some material which is tough and impervious to everything so he sewed up a sleeve into which we inserted insulation. This sleeve was wrapped around the battery and secured with plastic ties. Time will tell if it will with stand the engine heat.

We are off for a few days. More on that later.