Monday, June 13, 2011

Behind the Eight Ball.

Location, At Home, CA

Behind the Eight Ball again I see with this blog. Time just fly’s by. We are putting all our efforts into getting things spruced up for the grandkids to come next week.

Clyda wanted her weather vane and lightning rod reinstalled somewhere in the yard. I took them down when I put up the new fence…Ahem… a few years ago. So I am getting two 4x4 posts cut to length and mounted to the fence to attach the rod and weather vane to. Craig will need to repair the weather vane before we can remount it. The copper on the shaft is so thin that it broke. Craig says he can fix it.

I poured a small amount of cement today as a base for a new post in our backyard arbor where the cymbidiums are located. Craig made a u-channel out of steel so I can bolt the post to it. It is embedded in the cement with an anchor.

I have been collecting old aluminum and steel which I need to take to the recycle center this week yet. I keep finding more scrap to add to the pile.

Clyda had a turkey in the freezer for some time and we considered cooking it many times but kept putting it off. Yesterday I cooked it or rather b-b-qued it. I use an old Weber kettle that I keep around just for turkeys. With indirect heat from charcoal and a pan under the turkey to catch the drippings for gravy, I can cook a turkey in 2-3 hours depending on weight. I add rosemary sprigs inside the carcass and also on the grill as well as basting the turkey before I start with a mixture of rosemary, olive oil, and pepper. It makes awesome gravy. The turkey comes out a nice bronze-brown color.