Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wind, Wind, Wind!

Location, At Home, CA

Wind, wind, wind!

After two nice days with out wind I thought we finally might be into summer. Guess not as it started blowing again this afternoon.

I replaced the water pump in the RV this morning. It isn’t a big job but becomes more complicated because of the location under the kitchen sink. One arm at a time is the rule here. Two if you can make yourself real skinny which I am not.

I did manage to get it in and when I turned to water back on there was a tiny leak around a pipe fitting that I had nothing to do with. Figures!

Messing with it for a while did not stop the drip so Craig suggested that I heat the hose at the fitting with a heat gun so it becomes more malleable and then tighten the clamp. It worked!

I next tackled the TV antenna on the RV roof. It seems like I, ahem,, forgot to lower it when we left the campground at Lake Cachuma a few weeks ago and a large tree limb made short work of it. A passing motorist pointed it out to me. I ordered a new antenna when I ordered the water pump.

I removed the inside crank and the caulk from around the screws topside so they could be removed. A few minutes work and the entire assembly was ready for removal after I had disconnected the antenna cable at the roof.

I disassembled the old antenna with the aluminum going in the recycle pile and the plastic in the trash.

Tomorrow I will cut off the shaft to the proper length (based on the old shaft length), add some rubber standoffs so the antenna doesn’t bang on the roof as we travel, and install the antenna. It’s not like I haven’t done this before you see. I have experience.