Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Location, At Home, CA

It seems like I can only manage to update this blog about once a week lately.

I did take all the scrap metal I had collected to the scrap yard last week and got $52 for the small amount I had. No wonder there are so many thefts of copper and such detailed in the newspaper everyday. One good thing if you can call it that, which has come from this is all the old cars, etc, have been cleaned up in the desert. There is not a scarp of metal to be found in the southwest deserts.

I got Clyda’s weathervane and lightning rod mounted on their poles and attached to the patio fence. They look very nice.

Today Tim and his family come for two weeks. We will drive to Los Angeles and pick them up later today after stopping at Chelsea’s for some baby time on the way. Candi, Clyda’s sister came yesterday afternoon. We will have a house full this next week. Saturday is the service to bury Roger’s ashes. It is a private affair with only the family and a few friends attending.

Last week I ordered a new desktop computer from Dell. They had a “12 days of summer” sale and I scored an XPS 8300 for a good price. I added more ram but didn’t order a display as I have a good flat screen already. This thing aught to be a “smoking machine” if I don’t load it up with extra software. I intend to keep it lean and mean. It should arrive tomorrow. Not that I will have time to play with it this week as all the days are filled.

I even got the car washed yesterday. I can’t remember the last time I did that.

Some bad news on the internet last night. A couple that I follow via the Hitch-Itch website lost their fifth wheel trailer to a fire caused by a locked up wheel bearing. They are full timers and managed only to save a few things. They did get the truck unhooked which saved it. Unfortunately, they only had one small fire extinguisher to fight the fire with and it wasn’t enough. I carry three extinguishers in the trailer and one in the truck. I hope I never need them.