Monday, June 6, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Location, At Home, CA

Last week we had wind and this week we had rain. Who ever heard of rain in June in California? We actually had 1.65 inches at our house most of which fell on Sunday. So much for a 30% chance of showers as predicted by the Weather Channel.

Clyda was upset by the rain as she had just finished getting all the weeds out of the patio bricks. This rain is sure to make them grow again.

I picked boysenberries again today. They should have been picked two days ago but the rain delayed that. They were not as badly damaged as I would have thought. I got 10 baskets today. Clyda boiled them down for juice which is much easier to store in the freezer than whole berries.

We have been cleaning out closets and other places to cut down on things we no longer need. The pile is getting bigger!

We are off to visit our niece and her two babies tomorrow. Clyda has been trying to help out once a week so Chelsea can have a little time to do other things without worrying about the babies. Clyda made a roast today and we will take part of that as well as mashed potatoes and fruit for their dinner tomorrow night.