Monday, June 16, 2014

A change of plans.

Location, Fall City, WA

A Correction: The quilt show in Sisters is next month, not next week as stated in yesterdays blog. Sorry for the mix up.

I thought we would have a peaceful night at the Elks Club in Selah last night but just before dusk a train whistled and we realized that the train tracks ran right near the campground. Fortunately, they don’t whistle near the campgroud.

We were woke up by a very large blower being pulled by a “gater” which was clearing the parking lot of dust and leaves. They do start early to get done before the golfers show up.

We left about 9:15 and drove north on Hwy 82 to the junction with I-90 westbound. Most of these 30 miles is climbing and then lots of downhill.

After we were on the road I realized that our destination at Cle Elum was only 60 miles away so we stopped at a rest area while I refigured our route to this Fall City campground.

We had to convoy over Snoqualmie Pass because they were redoing the highway by removing the old snow sheds over the highway and removing lots of rock also. The slow convoy lasted for 5 miles.

We have stayed at this camp ground before but it is not our favorite place. It is in a bend of the Snoqualmie River and is damp but very green and you park on grass. At times it floods, hence the stair step pedestals for the utilities. We had sprinkles off and on most of the day but no real rain.
The dogwoods are in bloom.

Tomorrow we will be in Lynden and plan to stay until after the 4th of July. Our route will be up several 2 lane roads which bypass all of Seattle. We have done this trip several times before and prefer it to the busy I-5 or 405 corridors.