Friday, June 27, 2014

Catching up on the last week or so.

Location, Whistler, BC

We have been busy and too tired to blog at the end of the day for the past week plus so here is a quick synopsis covering that period.

On Tuesday June 17th we drove from Fall City, WA to Lynden via several 2 lane back roads. Being back roads, they are also much slower as we drove through small towns and endured road construction in several areas. We are camped in Hidden Village RV Park for the duration.

Our time in Lynden has been a blur, with preparations for the wedding of our nephew Michael on Saturday the 21st, visiting with family, a rehearsal dinner on Thursday in Snohomish, and a BBQ for friends and family in Lynden on Friday night.

On Saturday we all drove south to Snohomish arriving about 11:30 for photos by the wedding photographer. Son Tim and Grandson Matthew arrived late due to a faulty input in their GPS. A phone call from them corrected their error and they arrived at the church on time.
Matthew and Tim.

The wedding was at 3 PM so there was a lot of hang loose time by all the relatives.

Michael and lizzy.

The ceremony was beautiful and the couple were excited to be married. A dinner followed the wedding. The newly weds departed in a car filled with balloons for which the groom had been provided a pin to burst enough of them to gain entry into the car. It was a nice send off.

Everyone departed for the long drive home about 7 PM.

On Sunday we all were invited to Dawn and Matt’s house for a BBQ and to see all the improvements they have made since last year. They have an impressive garden, lots of fruit trees planted and major improvements to the house. Tim and Matthew tried out the wood splitter while we were there.

Dawn's garden.
 Tim and Matthew splitting wood.

On Monday all the chairs and tables used for the family BBQ were returned to where they belonged and things got back to somewhere normal.

On Tuesday morning the 24th Mark, Candi, Clyda, and I drove to Harrison Hot Springs Resort near Hope, BC in Canada. This trip had been planned a year ago as a get away after the wedding.

We spent 2 days soaking in the hot pools, taking a cruise around Lake Harrison, and generally relaxing. The resort is set up like many European hot springs resorts where everyone walks around in white robes as they go from pool to pool. The water is about 95 to 98 degrees in most pools with one pool being much warmer. There are 4 out door pools with one being a cool lap pool and 2 indoor pools one of which is a regular swimming pool and the other is a large circular hot tub. There is also a spa onsite for those who want more pampering.

Harrison Hot Springs Resort.

 Hot  pools.

 View from our window.

The weather was beautiful with temperatures in the high 70’s and no wind. The surrounding area is very green with beautiful high mountain vistas in the distance. All of this made for a very relaxing 2 days.
 Boat ride on Lake Harrison.

On Thursday we drove to the ski area at Whistler, BC for 3 days at a lodge called First Tracks which has a ski lift at the back door. Our drive was over 4 hours as we drove back roads and stopped a few times along the way.

We are in a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo which is very, very nice. We have maid service each day.

We had to grocery shop for breakfast and lunch items but go out to dinner each evening. There is a BBQ restaurant in the condo complex which makes it very convenient for dinner.

Our goal is to ride the gondola up the mountain and take the new Peak 2 Peak Ariel tramway from Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain if the weather cooperates. Right now we have light rain and the mountains are not visible.