Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trouble, trouble…..Trouble.

Location, Likely, CA

We got trouble.

We left home Sunday morning and traveled up the coast to Hwy 166 which took us to Maricopa and then to Bakersfield where we stayed with Budd and Brenda overnight. The main reason for going that way was to pick up a mattress they had for use on our hide-abed couch in the RV. The plan was to add their mattress on top of ours and make it s nice bed to sleep on. Well, that didn’t work as the combination of the 2 mattresses was too thick to fit back into the couch. We ended up getting rid of our original mattress and putting theirs on the bed. It is a much thicker mattress than ours was. Thank you Budd and Brenda.

When we got ready to leave Monday morning my Tire Traker pressure monitor beeped to tell me I had low pressure in one trailer tire. Budd got out his compressor and we pumped it up and left. Our route was through Bakersfield and up the hill to Tehachapi where we stopped at Love’s for fuel.

We stopped in Lone Pine for lunch and as we got back in the truck the alarm beeped again. Same low tire. I got out my compressor, which is in a lockable box in my truck bed, and a generator which is in a compartment under the fifth wheel hitch and pumped up the tire in 100 degree heat on a blacktop parking lot. While I was doing this Clyda stood under a tree at the edge of the parking lot. It was the coolest place around.

We drove up Hwy 395 without stopping in Bishop, which I probably should have done, and arrived in the Mammoth Lakes area about 3:30 PM. It is one of our favorite places to camp but it has been a few years since we have been here.
 At mammoth in the trees.

On Tuesday morning the tire again was low so I decided to put the spare on and take the tire to Les Schwab in Gardnerville, NV to see if the could find the problem. They immersed the tire in water and the problem was very evident. The rim had a tiny hole in it near a weld which caused the slow leak. Of course they did not have a rim that size but another customer who is also an RV’er told me about a shop in Dayton, East of Carson City that might be able to help me. We checked into the Silver City RV Park in  Carson City and I got on the internet to find a phone number and called Dayton Tire Shop. They did not have a rim my size but could get me one by 9:30 Wednesday morning.
  At Silver City RV Park.

On Wednesday morning we left for Dayton about 9 AM. We needed to stop by a post office so did that on our way. The tire shop did have the rim. About 20 minutes later the tire was mounted and we were good to go. A quick stop at a Smith’s grocery store then back to the RV Park. Picked up the trailer and headed for Reno. We had and easy drive through Reno on the new Hwy 395 and stopped somewhat north of there at a rest stop for lunch. We arrived at Likely Golf and RV Resort outside of the town of Likely, CA. The RV Park sits on top of a hill and has wide sites with grass between sites. Full hookup sites are $30 with the Good Sam discount. They also serve breakfast in the morning.
  At Likely, CA Golf and RV Resort..