Friday, July 25, 2014

Headed home today - NOT!

Location, Bakersfield, CA

We are in Bakersfield with Budd and Brenda but the trailer is not.

Bad day on Wednesday. Headed south on I-5 for Bakersfield around lunch time north of Kettleman City when I looked back and saw the trailer crabbing to the left followed by smoke. I pulled off and checked the trailer. I broke a rear axial shackle which allowed the rear axel to move forward on the passenger side and the two tires rubbed.

Long story - short. Called Good Sam and 2 plus hours later a service truck from Fresno showed up. Two more hours and not much progress made due to the design of the trailer frame. No place to tie up the axial.

Finally welded the broken pieces to the frame and headed to Fresno (closest shop). On the way blew a tire on the passenger side and tore up the side pretty bad. Got the tire changed with difficulty and by now it is dark. Got to the repair yard at 9:15 and parked outside the fence for the night. It looks like I need axle work, new tires, new rims, new brakes, and who knows what else before we are done.

The trailer is parked beside the shop while they assess what needs to be done. We packed a few cloths and headed for Bakersfield yesterday and will stay until the trailer is ready to travel. I am leaving the decisions to the shop. They are supposed to call me today with updates.

Photos later.