Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This past weeks activities.

Location, Eugene, OR

Much has happened this past week.

On Wednesday we left Lynden, WA and drove to Coupeville to take the ferry to Port Townsend. We have taken the Washington State ferries before but only with a car, not the RV. Because of the height and length of my RV I made a reservation for 2 PM.

We arrived early at the dock and were measured for length (just under 50 ft), paid our fee of $68 plus $1.60 for the extra passenger (Clyda) at a senior discount and put in line behind some small commercial trucks.

The ferry arrived within 10 minutes and we proceeded to board which was very easy. After we left the dock we went up to the passenger deck to take some photos but it was very foggy. We could see the water next to the ship but nothing else, Bummer.

Waiting to load on the ferry at Coupeville, WA
Aboard the ferry.
Driving off at Port Townsend.

After a half hour we docked at Port Townsend, drove off and proceeded south several miles to the Jefferson County Sportsman Club where we parked next to our friend George who is the caretaker at the club.

We took photos when the boat George is a partner in was hoisted from the water so a new through the hull transducer could be installed.

We spent 3 days with George catching up on old times. It was a very nice visit.

On Saturday we drove south to Portland, OR and parked the rig at Pheasant Ridge RV Park in Wilsonville south of Portland on I-5. We have stayed here several times in the past. This time we just parked the rig and drove to our friends Thomas and Debbie’s house in Beaverton and stayed with them until Tuesday morning. While there we visited the Japanese Garden in Portland. Very nice and peaceful but lots of people around.

Tuesday morning we drove to Eugene to visit friends Dick and Barbara. They had made reservations for us at Armitage State Park which is near where they live. We spent the day with them catching up on old times.