Monday, July 7, 2014

The fireworks are over.

Location, Lynden, WA

The 4th of July is over with lots of fireworks, none of which were sanctioned by local authorities.

The fireworks actually started on July 3rd as some folks just couldn’t wait I guess. There were firework sales at a large stand near the town limits of Lynden but it was illegal to sell or set off fireworks within the city limits. This did not however deter many folks from setting them off as some very large displays were visible in the night sky in all directions from the RV Park. Some folks spend huge sums of money on fireworks judging by the large and loud stuff we heard and saw nearby.

We did try to see the fireworks display put on by the town of Blaine which is on I-5 at the Peace Arch entry to Canada but it was not to be. We did actually drive to Blaine but it was raining and the few folks waiting were huddled under trees and easy-ups hoping the sky would clear enough to see something.

We waited about ½ hour and then returned to the house and watched what displays we could find on TV.

The last several days have been laid back but we are making plans to head south, possibly as soon as Wednesday.