Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moving south after visiting friends.

Location, Patterson, CA

We left Kelseyville this morning after a brief rain shower.

On Sunday we drove from Redding to Kelseyville, CA to visit Jack and Judy. The last 50 miles from Williams, CA to Kelseyville are trying at best when pulling a 32 foot RV as it is a 2 lane road with lots of steep hills to climb and then steep descents. Traffic backs up behind you until a passing lane comes up. Maybe if I drove this every day I would get used to it but I doubt it.

Fortunately I had called Jack before I drove the route and he gave me some hints as to what to expect. His last comment was that the road to his house had a very steep hill and was a real “son-of-a-b_ _ _H” and to put the truck in low gear and “gun it”. I really didn’t think the truck would pull the hill but it did, barely.

Parking the rig in his driveway was another matter as it slopes down to the garage requiring lots of blocks to raise the rear and not have the front of the trailer on the ground. That took about an hour to accomplish.

Look at the "hi-tech" blocks we used.

We had a nice visit and had dinner last night with Connie and John. Connie is Judy’s sister and we renewed old times from the winters in Bouse, AZ. Judy’s daughter Jessica, husband Mark and granddaughter Lilly were also there. It was nice to put faces to the names we have known for years.

We had a fairly easy drive today to Patterson, CA. We did have a brief heavy rain shower north of Sacramento and took a long lunch stop north of Sacramento at a rest stop. I wanted to let the lunch hour traffic around Sacramento die down before we got there. The freeway through Stockton is under construction and is a mess. Very rough and narrow lanes.

Tomorrow, on to Bakersfield where we started our trip.