Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This and that.

Location, At Home

Let’s see, what is happening.

I am still working some Genealogy, mostly checking dates. There is a big discrepancy in some data I have found as to birth and other dates so I need to check and recheck as much as possible.

On the RV side, not much is happening. I am still waiting to hear that the insurance check has arrived at the repair shop. Meanwhile, my drop dead date is creeping closer. All involved are aware of it.

As to my new PC which also operates as a tablet, BAD news. I called Dell yesterday and thought we had all issues settled with my email. Not true! When I turned it off then back on to test everything, it just wouldn’t receive email and every time it asked for a password it told me it was incorrect.

Later I found out from an Outlook website that Outlook at Microsoft was having a problem. Whoopee! Even Microsoft is against me.

This morning a Dell tech called me to see how everything was going and I explained what had happened. The result of that was his recommendation that we wipe all programs from the computer and start over as something was drastically wrong. This took some 3-4 hours. He will call me back tomorrow and we will go from there. I hope!