Wednesday, September 17, 2014


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Yahooo!, Yahooo!, Yahooo!

A breakthrough!

I had mentioned in a posting a short time ago that I was working on family history and making some significant progress. Well, tonight I made a major breakthrough concerning my Great-grandfather and the two children he brought with him to America. I knew some of the facts related to their immigration but the details were missing.

For years I have searched the Immigration Ship Transcribers Guild website for records related to my forbears. These records are of ships and passengers who immigrated to America mostly before Ellis Island opened. I never found any record related to them.

Tonight while searching using I found the original record of my Great-grandfather Franz, his daughter Rosina, and my Grandfather Stephan who traveled from Bremen, Germany to Baltimore in 1883. This information correlates with other data I had found including their passport which I have in my possession. They traveled in a Family Compartment on the ship and brought 2 steamer trunks with them. I have one of the trunks and my sister has the other.

With this information I can now enter more of the data that I have discovered in my Ancestry file.

What a great day!