Saturday, September 6, 2014

Heading out for a week of camping.

Location, At Home

A short blog before we head out for a week of camping at Pismo Beach.

I am still working on my family history and have made some real progress finding facts and details about my gr-aunt and her family. I did bite the bullet and subscribed to as I found much info there and I didn’t want to lose what data I had saved on their web site.

I managed to get things settled with the insurance company and will drop the RV off after our week of camping for the repairs because of the tire blowout.

I got a lot of work done yesterday and today. I washed the front and rear of the RV. It had not been washed since we returned from our summer trip so the front cap had a lot of bugs on it. I waited until we had a foggy morning hoping that it would help loose those bugs. Not a chance! It still required elbow grease while standing way too high on an 8 foot ladder.

Today I washed the truck and aired up the tires. I should be good to go now.