Saturday, August 30, 2014

A shocking quote!

Location, At Home

I did finally got a quote for the trailer repair and the total came as quite a shock. One of the parts has to be made and there is a 21 day lead time for that. I passed the quote on to the insurance company and haven’t heard a word since.

I have been spending way too much time on my family history but it has been eye opening and a lot of fun. In general, the one side of my family who we had no contact with was my Grandfathers sister who came from Bohemia with him. I had a few names passed down from my mother but not much else. Using that as a start and with a 14 day free trial offer from I managed to find a lot of her family. My goal now is to find someone who is still alive in that family and make contact with them.

I had been looking for a photo of my old grade school and my sister told me there was one in a 100 year anniversary book published in the 1970s. I have a copy of the book and sure enough, there was one. It was taken in 1914 but the building still looked the same when I attended it from 1945-1953. The only thing added was a tall flag pole in front of the school. It had two rooms with a front hall for coats, and later a lunch room in the basement.
 Liberty School site 2001. Only the foundation and wood shed remain.
I also spent time putting together something I had done in our last drought in the 1970’s and that two barrels tied together into which the wash machine water is pumped and then drained out through a hose to water the lawn. The whole setup is done and now we need to start using soap with no phosphates in it and we are good to go.

I have been unloading the RV in preparation for leaving it at the repair facility after our next campout a week from tomorrow. I am taking anything out that I don’t want to disappear while it is in the shop.

Our new passports arrived this week just in time for our cruise in October. It is the third passport we have had since the late 1970’s. It only took about 5 weeks to get the renewals. They are not much different than previous passports but the front page is thicker to contain the new chip technology and they ask you not to bend or fold that page. Makes sense.